Helpful Urgent Care Trail Tips for Safe Outdoor Adventures

The Stevens Creek Trail is a beautiful place to go hiking, biking and strolling. While you do enjoy the scenic outdoors as you’re reconnecting with nature, though, remember to follow trail safety. Hiking and biking are both activities that promote health and are excellent ways to keep your body moving, but it’s important to make sure you stay safe on the trail, no matter where your adventures take you. If something does go amiss, you can count on the nearby urgent care in Sunnyvale, but here are some tips to help prevent problems.

Watch the Weather

Keep an eye to the sky when preparing to hit the trail. Storms can roll in quickly, so make sure you have rain gear and other protective attire just in case it does rain. Be sure you wear breathable clothing in the summer so you don’t overheat, and wear plenty of layers during colder weather. Fall and spring can both provide crisp days, and it’s cooler under the trees, so be prepared.

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Grab Some Gear

A successful outing takes more than just the right clothing. You’ll need some gear to go along, too. Make sure you carry enough water that everyone in your party can consume 32 ounces per hour. Granola and other snacks are important for hikes expected to last 3 hours or more and carrying sunblock is always a smart move. Remember to bring asthma inhalers and epi-pens, if asthma or allergies are a concern, along with a small first aid kit.

Stay on the Beaten Path

When visiting the Stevens Creek Trail, it is important to stick to the labeled trails and walkways. The trail is part of a 100 acre nature preserve, so there’s more than enough area to get lost in should you stray from the trail. Play it safe and stick to the suggested areas.

Know Where To Go

Hopefully your hike or bike ride will be a perfectly safe adventure, but you should know where to go if something does go wrong. Those on the Stevens Creek Trail are close by a Sunnyvale urgent care center like U.S. HealthWorks and can get help without an appointment as necessary. Do some research and know where to go for help if your adventures will be taking you further than Stevens Creek and carry a cell phone just in case.

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