Sunnyvale Urgent Care Gives Tips on a Safer Trip to Farmers’ Market

With the threat of pesticides, insecticides, and various other synthetic ingredients making their way to the food being served on the dining table, it’s no wonder that more and more families are seeking healthier alternatives as food sources.

Events like the Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market happening every Saturdays in Downtown Sunnyvale is one such alternative that food-conscious folks can try out. Markets like this have grown in popularity over recent years, not only because of the better quality, fresh produce but also because it builds and fortifies their sense of community.

Washing Fresh Produce

Even with all the benefits that you can derive from these events, however, an urgent care in Sunnyvale still reminds folks to always wash their food produce purchases well. The reason is simple: food-borne diseases can still be a problem, regardless if the product is organic or not.

Food-Borne Diseases

In a nutshell, these are illnesses or diseases that result out of contaminated food or beverage products. They can arise from poisonous chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. You may ask why farmers’ market attendees should have to worry about this when organic products are so much safer and cleaner.

While that may be true, there’s still no telling how clean the soil or the environs where the produce came from.  Bacteria and parasites may have contaminated the soil attached to the produce, which can then be transferred into the human body upon ingestion.

Fighting Back for Food

It’s not all that difficult to protect yourself against these threats, anyway. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables clean of dirt and other sediments. Leafy vegetables, in particular, have a lot of little nooks and crannies that insects, insect droppings, and other “natural wastes” can hide themselves into.

A pro tip for those who want an easier time washing your produce: dust off the soil dry first before washing it under running water. That way, you would have already reduced the amount of dust or soil that you would have to clean off the produce.

These are simple but effective precautionary measures against food-borne diseases or illnesses. In the event, however, that something does fall through the cracks and you suffer from food poisoning, then head over to a Sunnyvale urgent care center such as U.S. HealthWorks so that you can get immediate relief before conditions worsen.



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